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Chip Bully represents what it is to risk it all, lose it all and gain it all back. Joe "Black" Reddick, founder of Chip Bully, has created a brand for the ultimate hustler.   Chip Bully is designed for determined people who grind with style. His story is not only inspiring but it is the dark side of the American Dream.


Joe Reddick “Black” grew up in the streets of the Bronx New York.  He was a Hustler who against the odds was determined to be able to afford the finer things.   A product of the streets Joe was arrested and spent 15 years in federal prison convicted of conspiracy to sell drugs.  In prison, he learned how to play poker and upon his release he entered tournament poker games where to date he has won over a million dollars.  The term “chip” is also a common slang term for cash or money.  A “Chip Bully” is someone who is willing to risk it all to get to the bag.   A true entrepreneur that can do whatever he chooses as a result of his success.



Chip Bully continues to focus on providing trendy, high quality appareL with innovations design, fabrication and application to its customer. The brand  appeal  reaches beyond its core urban customer.

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